Identity and National Park

Nahuel Huapi national park was the first protected area in both Argentina and South America. Since the original donation made by the Argentinean researcher Francisco Moreno in 1903, the destination of the regions natural areas changed forever, and began being seen as sanctuaries for nature rather than land for agriculture and livestock. The creation of these areas established conservation of the region’s natural characteristics its main objective. Along with conservation, these areas also have a public and touristic use in mind. This use allows for education on the importance and benefits of conservation, and this use also allows for the different areas to be enjoyed in several distinct ways. Walking in the forest, reaching the summit of a mountain, going bike riding or fishing form the lakeshore are only some of the activities that can bring us closer with the region’s natural surroundings.


Some of the activities that you can participate in close by to the hotel include:

– Trekking (either with or without a guide).

– Kayaking.

– Mountain biking.

– Climbing or mountaineering.

– Rafting.

– Horseback riding.

– Fly fishing or sailing.

– Backcountry skiing.

All the activities are offered by professional guides and service providers certified by the national park.  These professionals are selected by their attention quality.



The power of monsters! When you visit us with either family or colleagues, you will be surprised! But you can ask us for a plus, an extra that adds thrill and a “wow!” factor to your visit. arriving through the lake, live music, a wine tasting in the forest, a dinner underneath the stars, all thought out to create an unforgetable moment. Let your imagination fly or let ours fly for you!