Reunions and incentives

Whether it is a reunion with friends, or a company event, the hotel is prepared to not only serve but also propose and develop activities that fit each individual group. Innovative programs oriented towards boosting the experience of those who choose and visit us. Team work, leadership, creativity, sustainability and other topics are areas of management that our work team has many decades of experience on. We chose the hotel’s natural environment, surrounded by a national park, to develop unique programs. To this we add a network of professionals, service providers, guides and agencies that complement us on the task of designing genuine, original and significant experiences. To get a glance of the possible options visit the EXPLORE page.

Weddings & parties

We are major enthusiasts of social celbrations, and we want to help all our clients realize their dreams and share them with others. An outdoor wedding sharing the magic of the forest and the mountain, a campfire watching the sun set over the lake, or a night dancing beneath the starts are excuses for sharing moments with your loved ones. Share with us your ideas or expectations, allow us to propose the organization of the services, and be surprised with your event at Mascardi Hotel.